Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've Fallen for a Stove

For a long time now, I've been dreaming of what kind of new range I might want for my kitchen. The one in our new house works just fine (or, at least, I think it does...but anything's better than the possessed oven at our apartment), but it's a little outdated. And, since I love to cook, I've always wanted a really nice range.

I've gone back and forth between GE Profile, GE Cafe, or Electrolux.

But now, I think I've found the one that tops them all. The one that is perfect for me. I found it by a mere Google search, and when I did, the heavens opened and angels sang sweet choruses.

Well, not really, but I am now desperately, hopelessly in love with the Elmira Stove Works Northstar Range.


It's a modern range with all the conveniences, but with a vintage 50's look! And they have lots of colors to choose from - your basic white or black, buttercup yellow, red, robin's egg blue.... ah. It's just amazing. Of course, mine would have to be an electric range since we don't have gas in our house, but man are these cute!

Check our their website, its chock full of amazing retro/antique style appliances!

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